How Can I Use Quicktate?

Quicktate uses live, professional transcribers to convert recorded audios to text. We transcribe general notes, to-do lists, medical reports, conference calls, legal files, voicemail mail messages and much more. We accept audio recordings shorter than 5 minutes and currently transcribe English and Spanish files.

Use Quicktate for files shorter than 5 minutes. Use iDictate for files 5 minutes or longer.

Submitting Files For Transcription

Before you get started, log in to your Quicktate account and complete all the settings in your Profile. Then you may:

  • Submit audio files from your favorite app (see list of recommended apps below)
  • Upload your audio files to Quicktate (Log in and see Transcripts page for Upload Link)
  • Email your audio files to Learn More
  • Email your audio links to Learn More
  • Integrate your Quicktate account with Evernote Learn More
  • Use our API to deliver large numbers of files Learn More
  • Forward Google Voice messages for more-accurate transcriptions Learn More

Getting Started

  1. Create your Quicktate account
  2. Log in and complete Profile Settings
  3. Start submitting audio files to Quicktate